Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gus, Day 7

So the morning sessions of training are very interesting.  Teams are sharing their challenges, successes, and funny stories.  Each day we can see progress with the teams, even if it's baby steps.

We're half-way there with our training class, but will continue to train for as long as we have our dogs.  Service dogs are a lot of work, and take a lot of time.  But the payoff is so great.

One family visited today that has had their dog for three and a half years.  The dog provides services for their son that they couldn't even imagine.  The family has kept records, and the dog can detect a seizure through scent 24 hours in advance!  It's the same kind of scent work a dog does to detect explosives or drugs...just a different scent.  And during the class, another dog detected low/high blood sugar levels in a boy with diabetes three different times.  The family confirmed it through test strips.  Amazing!

Gus went with us to KFC tonight.  He was good as gold.  He didn't go near food, or even show interest in it.  He stayed in a "sit" or "down" the whole time.  Such a well mannered boy.  He continues to handle stairs and elevators well, obeys most commands, and is just working so hard.  Laura loves petting his nose and giving him kisses.  

We had all of our dogs on the floor at once today, providing distractions.  99% of the time, they stayed in a "down" command.

 Poor Gus just couldn't help himself.  He loves to play, and Schilling was right there!

Tomorrow we work on tethering.  Laura will be tethered to Gus so she can have more independence out in public.  This will be very interesting.

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