Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gus, Day 9

 Well, good morning, Laura and Gus.
Gus gets too warm on the bed and usually seeks out a cooler place to sleep at night.  But in the morning, I have him snuggle up with Laura just for a few minutes.  She likes the cuddles, but perhaps we need to move Gus' big head to a different position.

 Laura unknowingly did some distraction training.  Gus LOVES her little pink shaker toy, but can't have it.  It's all he can do to not grab it.  But he was good, and just watched her play with it.

 Only two more training days. Two weeks seems like such a long time to be gone, but as the end approaches, it seems like the time has flown.  I'll miss the friendships that we are enjoying here.  There's something about being with a group of families, all dealing with special needs of one kind or another.  There's a bond, and a sense of security, knowing that judgement is absent and understanding abounds.  No one cares if your child goes screaming across the room.  No one stares when your child does something out of the ordinary.  No one judges or pities when a child has a meltdown...yet there is empathy.  We all cheer when child and dog make steps forward in their bonding.  We encourage one another after having a trying evening at the hotel or in a store.  Indeed a special bond.

 Hangin' out during training.

As for training today, Jacob enjoyed doing the "bark" command with Gus.  Laura...not so much.  She wasn't scared, but it was a little loud in her face.

 Jacob's favorite part of the day was working a new command with Gus...
"forcing" him down...like in Star Wars.  
We could have chosen "bang," "go night-night," or "the force."  With our boys, it was really a no-brainer.  Now, this is not a command that will do anything for Laura, but it will be a fun way to demonstrate Gus' skills to kids so they aren't afraid of him.

 "Forcing" him down with the sweep of his hand and a "whoosh" noise.

 And a reward for being such a good participant over and over again!

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ahusted said...

Oh Gus looks so sweet! Thanks for sharing your training story. Sounds like a lot of hard work but so worth it. Congratulations to Laura and the whole family on your new addition!!!