Monday, September 16, 2013

Gus, Day 8

 Laura isn't the only one making progress with Gus.  Amarin is not very fond of animals, but is learning to enjoy Gus in his own time.  He asks to hold the leash and tries to do commands with him. Today, Gus listened and Amarin gave him a treat...and then quickly wiped off his hand because he doesn't like dog slobber.

 Sitting still without backing away from Gus.

 Tethering training started today.  We will tether Laura to Gus so she doesn't wander away.  She loves holding hands with people, but to move her forward in her independence, this seemed like a good step to take.  Here, people pull gently on the dogs while they are in a "down."  The dogs have to stay put, even though they may be pulled a little across the floor.

 Gus did great, and was gentle with Laura while trying this at the mall today.  Now we just have to convince Laura to hold on to Gus' strap so she can keep up with the team.

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