Monday, September 30, 2013

The Cowboys

"Home, home on the range..."
This year was Charlie's turn for a daddy/son trip.  We wanted it to be totally different from his brothers' so it would be special, just for him and daddy.
I think we hit the jackpot!
Jamie and Char spent 5 days on a dude ranch in Bandera, Texas...the "cowboy capital of the world!"
Horses, longhorns, pigs, dogs, kittens, cowboy hats, boots, and a lot of good home cookin'.
Here they are...ready to turn from city-slickers to cowboys.

Fun sign...just watch your youngins!

Resident pig family

 Resident dog, Poncho

After a hearty breakfast, they took off on a trail ride...two per day.  Char wasn't too sure about riding his own horse, so he and Jamie saddled up trusty 'ole Ruthie (half horse, half mule) and off they rode into the hills.  Apparently Ruthie didn't care about keeping up with the trail guides.  She preferred to stop at her leisure and graze on the lush green grass.

But it wasn't long before Char took off on his own horse, Shadow.

Look at him!  He looks like a pro!

And he rode Shadow right by some longhorns.  Glad I didn't know that at the time.
They look a little dangerous!

Charlie on Shadow, and Jamie on Frito.
Have you ever seen two more handsome cowboys?
Not bad for never having done anything like this...ever!

This was the name of their cabin.  Rustic, but roomy and cozy.
There were also signs about keeping your boots off the floor, just in case a scorpion decided to hide in them.  Ack!

A few days into their trip, a few other families arrived.  Char and this boy, Zach, enjoyed their time together.
Off go Char and Zack right behind the trail guide.

Future cowboy?

LOVE this picture of my little cowboy...

and this one with his daddy.

Even a cowboy needs his rest...with his favorite stuffed monkey.

So thankful for the great time they had together.  They came home with huge smiles and great memories!

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