Friday, September 20, 2013

The Graduates!

 Whoever thinks dogs don't show emotions...well...they've never had a dog.
He does not prefer his gentle leader on his nose.
He's pouting.  
But I wanted him to wear it for our test.

 First test...walking by and not touching people food.
He looked, but did not touch. Good boy.
 The next part of the test...being sure the dogs would stay in a "down" while being distracted in a few different ways.
 Time to walk the mall in a nice "heel."
 Being able to leave the dog in a down, and walk a few steps away without him moving.

 Good boy, Gus.
 This is what Gus does in a restaurant...sleeps!
Another plus on our test!
 After the trainers saw us successfully move through the parking lot and into the van, we were given the thumbs up...we passed!!!!
Off to the training facility for a bath with one of Gus' favorite trainers, Shelby.

 One of Gus' foster moms, Beth, came to our graduation.  He was soooo happy to see her!
I could tell that she just loved him, and definitely spoiled him!  It was very sweet.

 Other fosters were there and knew Gus from college days.  He has quite the fan club.

 Jeremy, the lead trainer, led the graduation ceremony.
 Photos of the graduates, and we signed the banner.

 Graduation cake!
 The September 2013 4Paws family.  We rock!

It's time to head home.  We're ready to find our new normal, and to see how Gus transitions into our family and life.  We just know he will be a blessing to not only Laura, but the whole family, and who knows who else!!

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