Saturday, September 21, 2013

We're home

We made it home early this afternoon, laundry is almost done, house is in order, and it feels great to be back home.  Gus slept almost the whole way home.  I think he's still exhausted from working so hard over the past two weeks.

When we arrived, I took Gus on leash to explore the yard and the whole house.
He seemed to approve.

He's already testing his limits...kind of like bringing home a child.
He found out that he can not chew on Laura's bristle blocks or balls.
He tried cuddling with Jacob in Jamie's favorite chair (as if he's a lap dog!), and found out that's not allowed either.
He wanted to lie down beside the table while we ate dinner...kind of like at the restaurant.
But he had to stay on his mat instead.

But, he is following the whole family around the house, loving all the attention.
He is very attentive during bath time, too.
He drinks the water, and "helps wash Laura" by licking her while I'm trying to actually clean her. 
Bath time is going to take a little longer to reach my level of cleanliness.
His choice of resting places makes it a little hard to bathe Laura, but it is very cute.

 I had Gus move so I could get the towel ready for Laura, and he promptly returned and made it his bed.  He's such a goof ball!


Jennie said...

Angie - Animals are endearing. Gus is a handsome guy. Thanks for sharing him.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Soon, he'll know exactly what he should do. What a close companion! Wonderful!