Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He did it again!

 He did it again.  He went and had himself another birthday...eight years old.  
Seriously, where did those seven years go that he has been with us? 
They have sped past as fast as Charlie lives life!
We started his birthday a day early with a trip to a big bookstore...for a free treat.
He chose the biggest oatmeal/raisin cookie he could find...and had it warmed up, please.
 Grandma and Papa sent him birthday money, so he bought himself a present.  He had told me earlier that he wanted to buy a real compass.  Well, he found this kit with lots of goodies, including a compass!  It has a whistle, too.  And it works...all day long...just sayin'.
I told him I would buy him a book, too.  He looked at lots of biographies.  He really wanted one about Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan...but he doesn't like that they got shot.  So "no" to those.  Albert Einstein looked interesting, but he had "weird hair."  He finally decided on this George Washington book.  I guess because his hair didn't look weird in this picture?
 Bob Evans was his choice for dinner tonight...breakfast food, strawberry lemonade...
 and a big icecream sundae for dessert.
 Home for presents.  Pokeman cards from his brothers...
 a new DS game,
 and a new scooter.  At first he saw that it had 4 wheels and thought it was for little kids.  We had to explain that it was a scooter for bigger boys, meant for speed and fancy footwork.  
Then it was good.
Time to explore the gifts with his brothers.
Wednesday...the REAL birthday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

These two...

 Perhaps Gus and Laura have overtaken this blog.  It is just so fun to watch them interact and develop a bond.  Tonight was so fun to watch.  Laura and Gus were in the livingroom by themselves, and this is what we saw when we checked on them.  Apparently Gus really, really likes this "Little People" toy, and Laura was taunting him with it.  I guess he thought if he tackled her, he could have it.
She wouldn't give it up that easily!
 The wrestling match continued...
 and though Gus kept her pinned, she wouldn't give him the toy.
They both contemplated their next move.

 Gus tried to be a little her kisses while trying to grab the toy.
 Laura finally relinquished the toy, but then he couldn't just take it.  That's not allowed.
So he just stared and pouted.
We're so glad that Laura has Gus for a buddy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reading with Gus

And this is what Gus is all about.  I just love how Laura is holding on to his head.

Monday, October 14, 2013

School Photos...2 years coming!

I neglected to take school pictures last year, so I thought I'd better do it this year! We chose the cornfields as our backdrop since we live in the midst of them.
Wow...the kids have grown so much in the past two years!
Although I don't like seeing the time go so quickly, I do enjoy watching them grow into their own 
 persons, develop their own interests, and pursue their gifts.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Bass

Guess who's learning the bass guitar?
The teens at our church are part of a worship team, and Jacob wants to join.
And there are no tubas in worship bands!
But since he knows bass notes, he's excited to learn this new instrument fairly quickly.
This week is our Missions Conference.  A few of the teens got together and wrote a song for the congregation to sing.  Jacob learned a few notes so he could play the bass for the song.
Here he is with one of his good buddies from church.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Soccer Season Complete!

This has been an awesome soccer season for the boys.
They had fabulous coaches that taught them so much about the game...rules, technique, sportsmanship, Bible verses, and most importantly, honoring God in the process.

Char's coaches were right out on the field with the team, directing and encouraging them.  The referees allowed "do-overs," especially when the kids couldn't help but jump or run as they threw the ball in from the sideline.  One time, one of the coaches dramatically dove down and held Char's feet in place so he would stop jumping!  And they were great with Char...their energizer bunny.  The boy never stopped over the place.  Even players from other teams would stop and watch him fly down the field.  The coaches helped him focus that energy to win the ball for his team.

Char wanted to score a goal so badly.  He almost did today.   But better yet...he won an award, chosen by the coaches.  The "Other's First" Sportsmanship Recognition Award..."for his dynamite personality that encouraged the coaches, players, and parents.  And for growing in his ability to play as a team member."  He got to sign his name on the banner. 

He also earned a medal for playing, and another for learning all of the required Bible verses.
So proud of our Char!

Jacob and Amarin were able to play one more year together on the same team.
They really enjoyed this, especially when they played both forward positions.
The weather was perfect for every game they played this year...until this one.
It POURED!  Everyone was drenched...except Laura who was totally protected under my umbrella.
Each of the players, again, received a medal for playing, and one for learning all of their Bible verses.  Both boys were able to do that this year.

 Their team, and wonderful coaches.  Jacob bumps up to the next level...14 - 18 year olds. And we thought this league was fast and furious!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adoption Fundraiser

Our friends, the Kopinskis, are bringing home their little boy through adoption from China before the end of this year.  They are hosting a fundraiser (t-shirts) to help defer the costs.  Their family info can be found HERE, and you can also place an order on that page.  Orphan Sunday is only one month away.  Our family is ordering these shirts to wear to church that day.  Thank you for supporting the Kopinskis!