Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He did it again!

 He did it again.  He went and had himself another birthday...eight years old.  
Seriously, where did those seven years go that he has been with us? 
They have sped past as fast as Charlie lives life!
We started his birthday a day early with a trip to a big bookstore...for a free treat.
He chose the biggest oatmeal/raisin cookie he could find...and had it warmed up, please.
 Grandma and Papa sent him birthday money, so he bought himself a present.  He had told me earlier that he wanted to buy a real compass.  Well, he found this kit with lots of goodies, including a compass!  It has a whistle, too.  And it works...all day long...just sayin'.
I told him I would buy him a book, too.  He looked at lots of biographies.  He really wanted one about Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan...but he doesn't like that they got shot.  So "no" to those.  Albert Einstein looked interesting, but he had "weird hair."  He finally decided on this George Washington book.  I guess because his hair didn't look weird in this picture?
 Bob Evans was his choice for dinner tonight...breakfast food, strawberry lemonade...
 and a big icecream sundae for dessert.
 Home for presents.  Pokeman cards from his brothers...
 a new DS game,
 and a new scooter.  At first he saw that it had 4 wheels and thought it was for little kids.  We had to explain that it was a scooter for bigger boys, meant for speed and fancy footwork.  
Then it was good.
Time to explore the gifts with his brothers.
Wednesday...the REAL birthday!

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