Monday, October 28, 2013

These two...

 Perhaps Gus and Laura have overtaken this blog.  It is just so fun to watch them interact and develop a bond.  Tonight was so fun to watch.  Laura and Gus were in the livingroom by themselves, and this is what we saw when we checked on them.  Apparently Gus really, really likes this "Little People" toy, and Laura was taunting him with it.  I guess he thought if he tackled her, he could have it.
She wouldn't give it up that easily!
 The wrestling match continued...
 and though Gus kept her pinned, she wouldn't give him the toy.
They both contemplated their next move.

 Gus tried to be a little her kisses while trying to grab the toy.
 Laura finally relinquished the toy, but then he couldn't just take it.  That's not allowed.
So he just stared and pouted.
We're so glad that Laura has Gus for a buddy!