Monday, November 11, 2013

A Birthday and Veteran's Day

This weekend began with an assembly, recognizing the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military.  Jacob played at the assembly with the band.  As always, it's almost impossible to get a photo of him without the tuba in front of his face!
 Today was the Veteran's Day parade.  Thankfully, the snowy/drizzly/cold weather held off until the parade and ceremony was complete.  Amarin loves marching with the drums.
 Finally...I can see his face!
 Waiting for the parade to start to honor those who have fought for their country...and to collect as much candy being thrown at them as possible.
 A ceremony followed the parade with speakers, music, and wreaths to honor the heroes of past wars and conflicts.
Are they not the cutest spectators?  Gus was a celebrity with lots of people, and did a super job with Laura.  Only thing that really freaked him out was the motorcycles in the parade, revving their engines.  He was shaking like crazy and hiding his head in Jamie's legs.
While in the parade, each of the kids were asked to wear a lanyard bearing names of those that have served in the military.  Jacob chose to honor his great grandpa, grandpa, and uncle.
Not only is it Veteran's Day, but it's Amarin's birthday, too!
12 years old, he is!  He chose to have lunch at Bass Pro Shop, and received a huge sundae...and he chose to only share the cherry on top with Laura!
 Home we went to open presents, and just enjoy a day off school.
 A new MP3...
 a dart gun...
 new tennies for those growing feet...
 and his surprise...a 700+ piece Lego Star Wars ship.
He immediately ran to the other room (so Laura and Gus wouldn't eat the pieces) to start building.
I expect he will be done in an hour or so.
Birthday cake time!  Amarin insisted on making his own icecream cake.

Happy 12th birthday, Amarin!  We love you!


Mary Casler said...

I love your blog, Angie. I always mean to post and I never do. Love the tuba player. ;) Happy birthday, Amarin. So happy all is well. Miss you guys a bunch..xoxoxox Mary

Mary Casler said...

I love your blog, Angie. I am always meaning to comment but never do. LOVE the tuba player ;) Happy birthday, Amarin. Glad all is well. Miss you bunches....xoxoxoxo Mary

Chandra Regan said...

Love those giggles when Amarin kept trying to blow out his candles!