Friday, November 1, 2013

Wrapping Up October

So, we wrapped up October in a flurry of fun.
Char enjoyed his birthday on the 30th, and his Gotcha Day on the 31st.
Hard to believe our little guy has been home for 7 years.
 We handed out candy, and hot cider for the parents on the 31st.  We call it "Light the Night."  There's just so much darkness, and real scary things happening in the world today, we'd rather make it a fun evening.  The kids had a couple friends over, they helped pass out treats, and played.
 So not impressed with his glasses.
 Laura and Gus helped supervise the candy bowl.
 The kids also filled 10 boxes for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.
 Here I am with some gal friends, heading out on "short bus" for dinner.
Such a funny group of ladies!
 Char decided he looks like his Papa while wearing this hat.
 I love finding the boys reading, especially when they're memorizing their Bible verses without being asked!
 I asked the kids to draw a self portrait on this paper.  Jacob depicted himself as Tin Tin.  Similar...
Finally, Laura made a new friend with Sherrick McMannis, a Chicago Bear player.
November is here, with Thanksgiving right around the of my favorite holidays!!


Cheryl said...

I haven't been to blogger in a while. Fun to see what's happening in your world, as always.

Cheryl said...

I haven't been to blogger in a while. So good to catch up on your world.