Saturday, December 14, 2013

Songs, Snow, and Silliness

 This past week has been full of Christmas and wintery activities.
Last night was the Christmas band concert.  The kids played beautifully, and their red uniforms were just perfect for the Christmas season.

Jacob performed a tuba solo with piano accompaniment.  So thankful he loves to play his tuba.
While we were listening to the Christmas concert, the snow was falling fast and furious.
We ended up with about 7 inches when all was said and done.  The little kids were so excited, as was Gus.  Gus looks like one big snowball when he comes in the house, and he needs to be contained until he melts!

This little firecracker is the cutest snow buddy ever!
 Jacob landed a snow shoveling job for a neighbor.  At 6:30 this morning, he was ready to work!

Bonding continues to go well with Laura and Gus.  Full bonding can take more than a year, so we are very happy to see how well they get along so far.  There are afternoons when they don't play much, and other days when Gus follows her everywhere.
 One evening, I was changing Laura into her jammies, and started tickling her. She was giggling and squealing so loudly that Gus came running over and plopped on top of her.  Not sure if he thought she was crying or hurt or having a meltdown.
 Then when I walked away, he stood guard.  This demonstrates that he is becoming protective of her.
 This is how we found them another day.  I love how his leg is wrapped through her arm.  
 Then there's the Christmas tree.  We were warned that sometimes dogs think that Christmas tree balls are for playing.  The dogs will bite onto them, and cut their mouth.  Well, guess who's chewing on the ornaments?  One's not Gus!  Don't they both look so innocent?
 So, Laura decided if she can't chew on the ornaments, she will eat his dog food.  A great, big, mouthful of crunchy, dry dog kibbles!  Must not taste too bad because she went back for seconds.
 Last Saturday was the guys' Christmas lunch/shopping day.  Off to the 50's Diner for burgers and fries.
 In the meantime, we ladies attended a Christmas tea at our church...complete with tea, punch, and door prizes.  A bit more sophisticated, I do think!
I treasure these Christmas festivities and the time with our kids.  They grow up so fast.

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