Monday, January 6, 2014

The Arctic Chill

The arctic chill in the midwest has hit...hard!
I can't remember it ever being this cold.
So we, along with every other person in the midwest, emptied the shelves of our local grocery stores beforehand. I was with a superhero, so I knew no one would mess with my loot.
 The snow fell, the wind blew, and the temperature steadily dropped.  We had to draw straws to see who got stuck taking Gus outside.  Jamie had to snow-blow the driveway twice due to all the drifting...and the plows that made a mountain at the end of our driveway.  Funny how the drifting works...our yard had over a foot of snow, but at our neighbor's across the street, we could still see some grass.
Jamie and I woke in the middle of the night to the beeping of a smoke detector in need of a new battery.  Why does this only happen in the middle of the night?  We determined that it was coming from Jacob's bedroom, changed the battery, and went back to bed.  (Jacob remained fast asleep, but remembered hearing a beeping noise in his dream...) 
A few minutes later, it started beeping again.  We oh-so-joyfully jumped out of our warm bed to find another battery lest we never get any sleep.  At that time we noticed our house was pretty chilly...and that our furnace quit working.  Panic!  11 degrees below zero at the time, plus windchill, and the house was already at 54 degrees.  I kept trying to plan where we would go with 5 kids and a dog...and what to do with frozen pipes!  After trying a few things, Jamie determined that the vents outside were frozen, not letting any fresh air into the furnace.  He broke the ice away, and voila!  Heat!
This was our temperature this morning. Our local radio station factored in the windchill at minus 40.
We are doing our best to stay cozy, and I even let the kids have another day off school.  School is canceled here tomorrow, too, but no such luck for them.
 This is Jacob staying warm.  Who knew teens thought Elmo is cool?


Karin said...

The Elmo mask is hilarious! :) Glad you were able to stay warm. We didn't get all the snowstorm fun that you guys did.

ahusted said...

Quite a man you got there! I keep a wooden dowel by our back window to smack the ice off our furnace vent. Oh the memories of snow and more snow, and more snow.