Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whose trip was that?

Jamie and the boys have made some wonderful memories on their father-son trips.
They often chat about their trips, and like looking back at their photos...that were still on the computer!
So, they decided to make memory books.
They chose all the photos to be included, the layout, design, and words.
So easy, quick delivery...they couldn't wait for them to arrive so they could read them!

Here is Amarin's book...Legoland in Florida.

Our little buckaroo, Charlie, at the Dude Ranch in Texas.
Seriously, he is the cutest cowboy EVER!

And...wait a minute...who is this?'s Jacob and Daddy on their trip to California to see General Sherman.
Either this is the wrong cover, or they looked mighty strange in those-there parts.
We laughed so hard when we opened this book.  
These are actual people, and their names are on the spine of the book.
Apparently, photos got mixed up, and their faces were put on the front of Jamie and Jacob's book.
Sure looks like they're having a great time, though, doesn't it?
What a hoot!
A new book is in transit...but this certainly made us chuckle!

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ahusted said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! That'll go down in the memory book. I think there was a pun intended there, hee-hee.