Thursday, February 27, 2014

The New Baby

Our family has grown by a new baby...
a baby grand, that is.

Oooohh...I have always thought baby grands were beautiful, but the prices...not so beautiful.
So, when we heard our friends were planning to sell their baby grand, we jumped at the chance to buy it.
And the piano happened to be the color I love most...shiny black!
I can not wait to hear the kids play on this beauty!
However, with anything new, there is an old.  We are saying goodbye to our beloved upright piano that has been in Jamie's family for quite a few years.  All the kids have learned to play on it and we have been so blessed to have it.  But the sound board is rusty, a few of the keys don't work, and it just can't be tuned anymore.  It's ready for retirement.  
Jacob has talked his dad into tearing the piano apart, and building something out of the wood.  So, it's really not "goodbye," but rather, a little facelift.  Can't wait to see what they design...though I have my eye on a coffee table with glass covering the keyboard.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Guess who got their China travel visas today??
Can you tell we are not at all excited?
Even more excited is Daddy...who is still wondering what to do with 4 kids and a dog while he's working!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faithful Friend

Gus hung very close to Laura after school today.  He followed her, and would lie down beside her when she was still.  At one point, we found them like this.  Laura didn't seem to mind that this huge friend was hogging the camera! 
 A couple hours later, right before dinner, Laura became very somber and whiney. Gus would stick close to her, and then come over to Jamie or me, almost nervous-like...then head back to her.  Kind of like he was telling us...hey...she's not feeling well!
 I held her and she started to cry these silent tears that not only break your heart, but also make us wonder what on earth she's thinking about that makes her suddenly so sad.  Well, Gus was right there with her, and she actually laid her head on his back while she cried.  So sweet!  I wasn't paying attention at the time, but from this photo, it looks like Gus is crying on my shoulder!  Ha!
He stuck close before bed, too.  It makes me wonder if he knew she wasn't feeling well so far ahead of when we knew.  Perhaps that's why he was staying so close this afternoon.  Love this pup!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Winter Break

I feel so redundant saying this, but this winter has been the snowiest, and coldest winter I can none!  Suffice it to say, we were all ready to take a break and soak up some sunshine.  Jamie booked a trip to San Diego and it was just what the doctor ordered.

We wore our sunglasses...thx for sharing, Jacob...
 sipped our cool drinks on the decks...
 sought out water wherever she could...
explored the safari park...
until our legs were tired...
 swam in the pools...

 took on the water slide a million times...
(Char had to run down the last section because his little body wasn't heavy enough to carry him all the way!)
 watched a potter form some beautiful pieces from a big slab of clay...

 sized up the huge aloe plants...
 watched the sea lions on La Jolla beach...
ate fresh, buttery corn that Daddy won at a local market...
 and even learned to iron (he was excited to try it!).
We came home to a driveway full of snow, and another ice/snowstorm today.
What a difference, but we feel refreshed and so thankful for a wonderful trip!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Cuckoo Bird

 Laura starred in her first musical...The Cuckoo.
It was put on by the third graders at her school,
and guess what part she played?
Yes!  The cuckoo bird!
Of course, Gus had to come see his girl perform.
Had he not fell asleep, in the front row no-less, he probably would have enjoyed it.
Laura was in a bit of a snit when we got to school.  This was her look all night.
She didn't crack a smile until we pulled into the garage at home.
 Nope.  Not even the hint of a grin.
But she's still the most beautiful cuckoo bird ever!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jacob's Recital Song

This is a portion of Jacob's recital song.  I just love hearing him play.
And Gus is learning the art of photo-bombing.

Tooth #2

Loose tooth #2 has been hanging by a thread for about a week now.  Char was in no hurry to get it out, and freaked out at the idea of anyone pulling it.  Part of me was fine with that because loose teeth creep me out.
However, this tooth was turning colors because it wasn't really connected anymore, and it needed to be out of his mouth.  So, while at a friend's house, I got up the nerve to pull first tooth ever to pull out of one of my kids' mouths.  In the bathroom we went, I grabbed a tissue, Charlie screamed, and out came the tooth.  Then he said, "I didn't even feel anything."  I guess the scream was just to add a little drama to the event.  He was happy that the tooth was finally out, and that the toothfairy would be making another visit.  Too bad the toothfairy didn't show up...must have been caught in the snowstorm...