Thursday, February 27, 2014

The New Baby

Our family has grown by a new baby...
a baby grand, that is.

Oooohh...I have always thought baby grands were beautiful, but the prices...not so beautiful.
So, when we heard our friends were planning to sell their baby grand, we jumped at the chance to buy it.
And the piano happened to be the color I love most...shiny black!
I can not wait to hear the kids play on this beauty!
However, with anything new, there is an old.  We are saying goodbye to our beloved upright piano that has been in Jamie's family for quite a few years.  All the kids have learned to play on it and we have been so blessed to have it.  But the sound board is rusty, a few of the keys don't work, and it just can't be tuned anymore.  It's ready for retirement.  
Jacob has talked his dad into tearing the piano apart, and building something out of the wood.  So, it's really not "goodbye," but rather, a little facelift.  Can't wait to see what they design...though I have my eye on a coffee table with glass covering the keyboard.

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Karate Mom said...

SO awesome! Congrats everyone! See, all that practice paid off, didn't it?! Don't forget to post some videos so we can hear you playing on that Baby :-)