Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tooth #2

Loose tooth #2 has been hanging by a thread for about a week now.  Char was in no hurry to get it out, and freaked out at the idea of anyone pulling it.  Part of me was fine with that because loose teeth creep me out.
However, this tooth was turning colors because it wasn't really connected anymore, and it needed to be out of his mouth.  So, while at a friend's house, I got up the nerve to pull first tooth ever to pull out of one of my kids' mouths.  In the bathroom we went, I grabbed a tissue, Charlie screamed, and out came the tooth.  Then he said, "I didn't even feel anything."  I guess the scream was just to add a little drama to the event.  He was happy that the tooth was finally out, and that the toothfairy would be making another visit.  Too bad the toothfairy didn't show up...must have been caught in the snowstorm...

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