Monday, May 12, 2014

Behind the Wheel

A few months ago, Jacob informed me that he could start driving next year.
After I grabbed a paper bag and stopped hyperventilating, 
I calculated the months.  Yes.  He could be driving with us next year.
He has been wanting to go out driving with his dad for some time.
Because apparently he is the "only 14 year old to never have driven behind the wheel of a vehicle," save the tractor.  I had no idea he was this deprived.  What were we thinking?
Sarcasm aside, he did finally make it out to a quiet, dirt road yesterday with Jamie, while we visited with friends.  He did great, and even stopped in front of our friends house to wave to me...and then stepped too hard on the gas pedal and threw stones.  Yes...we still have one more year.

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Karate Mom said...

J & J have begun driving around the property. Let me clarify something: with their dad, not me! However, he has always had good reports (is there an emoticon for praying and fingers crossed?!?!?!) so far ;-)