Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On Your Mark...

Their first official race.

A local running club organizes a 1/4, 1/2, and 1 mile race for kids under 12.
The youngest go first.
Yes, that means we waited while toddlers...toddled...down the path.
There were so many that they must have had four or five heats of their own.
Most of them tripped over the one next to them, and ended up in a big, crying mass.

Anywho...once it got to the kids who could actually run, 
our four youngest, and Gus, participated.
(Jacob is officially too old!)

They officially registered, received a running number, and waited for their heat.
Laura's number ended up on her back because she kept trying to eat it.  Goofball.

 Jenna started out in the front of the 7 year old pack.
She learned that sprinting at the beginning of a longer race does not work well in the end.
I have to say, though, her running has greatly improved since we first saw her at age 4.
The girl couldn't run.  It was more of a waddle.  Now she can fly!
And that would be the end of my photos.  The phone died after Jenna ran.
But, Charlie held the lead in the 9 year old heat for 1/2 the race, as did Amarin.
Next time, they won't sprint at the beginning, for sure.
Laura and Gus (with me) finished the 9 year old heat, right after the 10/11/12 year olds finished their heat.
But she did it, and she had a fun cheering section as she finished.
They loved it, and can't wait to run again next Monday.

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