Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Such a Fun Week!

 We've been having such a fun week.  Grandma and Papa came to visit, and they were able to participate in some of our activities.  First, the kids ran another race.  This time, they remembered to save some energy for the end!  Grandma and Papa helped them get ready.
Jenna ran hard.
 Amarin kept stride and came in 1 min 25. 

 Love the look of determination on Char's face.  Wish I had a close up!
The humidity was so high, we left Gus home.  Papa "raced" with Laura this time.
After...cookies and juice!
and ribbons! 
 Jacob thought hanging out in the tree was pretty fun, too.
 The next evening, Jacob had his final band concert with his school.  The local mayor spoke about how their town was recovering from the horrible destruction caused by the tornado last November.  An offering was taken during the concert to benefit their band students who had lost instruments in the tornado.  Over $2,000. was raised!
The concert began with the National Anthem.  Gives me goosebumps every time!
 Jacob, and a few other young men, read the Gettysburg Address.
Most of their music was patriotic.
 This is Jacob...behind the tuba!
 They played the Star Wars theme, and characters walked on stage.
Kids had fun meeting them after...well, some of them.  Some were pretty scary looking!
 Grandma and Papa left for home, and we went style.
Jacob is very serious about golf.
 Char...not so much.
 Teaching his little sister how to aim her club and how to stand.
 She preferred to use the club as a microphone and sing along with the radio.
 Friends met us there...
 and ate lunch...
Such a fun week.  And it's only Wednesday!


Chandra Regan said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You got humidity and we got snow!

ahusted said...

The smiles are contagious! I love to see how the kids are growing and the love in their eyes.