Saturday, June 7, 2014

What does he do?

A question we often, what does he do for her?

No, he doesn't go to school with her.
And he doesn't detect seizures...thankfully, we don't need that right now.
He doesn't track her, because she doesn't run away.
He doesn't do behavior disruption, because she doesn't throw tantrums.

But when no one else is playing with her...guess who's there?
And when she lies down on the floor tired...guess who's there with her?
And whom does he choose to follow up and down the stairs?  And "wash" from the side of the bathtub?
And guess who he chooses to snuggle with during pizza/movie night?

Friends.  And that means a lot.

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Anonymous said...

I have to comment as I had a "companion"dog, one step below a service dog. The Dr. recommended I get a dog for easing some of my psychological fears..I got asked the same thing,and an attorney challenged me that "what does he
DO for you?" I told him he comes to me when I am sad or crying and licks my face!...Unfortunately, I never was able to get any information here in Wa. state, on how to get a "companion" dog certified for my legal use. I wasn't able to spend a lot of money to have him trained...and how does a psychological assistance dog get trained? one in my area or in neighboring Portland, Or. could answer that question. I am 67, and my beautiful dog has been gone for 4 years. I couldn't replace him and face all the "comments" disguised as "criticism" all over again. Thanks for sharing, I believe its an important comment. mm,vancouver,wa.