Monday, August 25, 2014

We're All Back!

Back to school, that is.
So the kids left for school...
and then turned around and came right back.
Yes...the littles still think this is funny.
The older boys are now embarrassed at mom's ploy to get memories on the blog.
"Mom.  The neighbors are staring at us!" 
 Jenna is in 2nd/3rd grade this year.  Combining a couple subjects with Charlie helps manage teaching time for mom!  Jenna will have math, grammar, reading, science, history, spelling, music, art, piano, and soccer.  She's also looking forward to her Daddy/Daughter trip coming up very soon!
Char is our 3rd grader.  He will have math, grammar, reading, history, science, music (on the recorder...oh, my ears), art, speech/writing, spelling, piano, and soccer.
 Welcome to 7th grade, Amarin!  He will "enjoy" grammar, reading, history, anatomy, band, speech/writing, math, spelling, literature, piano, drums, and soccer.  Don't tell him, but a Thai language program is coming soon!  He has been asking, but Thai is so hard to find!
 It's his junior year!  He's not overly thrilled with having to take chemistry, algebra 2, or speech/writing.  But, he needs to, along with band, orchestra, industrial arts, German 3, grammar, economics, piano, bass guitar, drums, and soccer.  He's also starting to teach piano at our home.  Of course, this all gets shuffled a bit since he has to continue cutting grass for the next month or so.  What is he most excited about?  Drivers ed next year! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

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ahusted said...

Oh no - Junior in High School! Jacob along with the others seem to be growing way too fast. (And a little secret to you Angie, we're not getting older. The kids are keeping us young). LOL