Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Mommy/Daddy Day"

Someone special, with a firecracker personality, has a birthday coming soon!
So, we surprised him today with a "Mommy/Daddy" day.  It included shopping for a surprise gift, and lunch at the restaurant of his choice.
His birthday surprise?  His very first, brand new bike.  He's always had a hand-me-down from Jacob or Amarin, and the bikes worked very well.  But this year, we thought he would enjoy a new one.  After searching three stores, we found the perfect bike.  He was so excited, and is even out riding the trails with Daddy as I type.
Then it was off to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  Oh, yes. Laura came with us, but she usually doesn't monopolize the conversation, so we figured Charlie wouldn't mind.  He actually thought it was cool that she came for his birthday treat.
Charlie also had some early birthday money to spend.  Such a hard decision for a little guy...what to buy??  "Shockingly," he decided on legos.
"Dad.  The tires sound funny."
That's because they actually have tread! 

Once in a while, I need to be in a picture rather than behind the camera.
I love you, Char!

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ahusted said...

Happy birthday Charlie! Love from the Husted's