Saturday, November 1, 2014

9 Years Old. 8 Years Home.

Charlie turned nine years old on October 30.
The morning started with him running downstairs, throwing his arms around my waist, and squeezing me hard while hopping from one foot to the other.  He was a bit excited for the day!
Daddy went to work a little late, and made M&M pancakes for breakfast.
  A few hours later, we headed to the local bookstore for his free birthday treat. 
He chose a red-sprinkle sugar cookie.
The first present of the day came from Jacob. How many brothers does it take to put together a nerf gun?
It didn't take long for sponge bullets to be flying around the house!

Next was body wash from Jenna because she knows how much he loves taking showers.  He really does!  He runs all the way to the shower!
Legos from Amarin.  Why are we not surprised?
Finally, the mint-chocolate-chip-icecream cake!
Happy 9th birthday, Char!
The next day, we celebrated 8 years in our arms.
You still have the biggest, brightest eyes!
Love you, Char!!

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