Monday, December 8, 2014

Annual Tree Lighting

Last night was the 4th Annual Tree Lighting for our village.
Jacob and Amarin participated in the music and played a variety of Christmas music.
Amarin played his snare and the cymbal.
 Jacob played bass guitar.  This picture cracks me up.  Jacob is sitting on top of his amp.  The amp is so big that his feet don't even touch the floor!
 The piano and trumpet were also playing.  Sounded great!
Favorite song they played?  Charlie Brown's theme song!
Jenna and Laura sat on Santa's lap, but I was busy organizing the cookies and hot chocolate, and I didn't see them!  Charlie was not interested in Santa until later.  But as soon as he walked in the room to see Santa, he walked back out with a look of digust.  "Mom.  I am not going to see him.  That's not even Santa Claus!"

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