Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Fun(k)

I wasn't sure if this post should be called "February Fun" or "February Funk."
It has been a fun month, but cold/sinus viruses are rearing their ugly heads and most of us are feeling a bit drained.  I wake up anticipating naptime in the afternoon.  I don't think that's a good thing.
In the mean time...
Jacob traveled to WinterCamp with our church's teens, and teens from three other churches.  He played bass guitar with the worship team (rear center).
 Laura is finding clever ways to avoid school work.  When the going gets tough...fall asleep!
 Grandma and Papa visited for Jenna's birthday.  Since Jenna had a cold, Charlie volunteered to blow out her birthday candles.  He can never do things without his own flair! 
 Big brothers are good for piggy-back rides!
 Charlie asked me to pull his loose tooth.  He told me to wait though because he had to say a quick prayer to be brave. Brave he was!
 And since we have the most forgetful tooth fairy ever, he found it necessary to write her a reminder note.
 The Wall Street Journal for the future business man.  He was trying to find information on stocks.  Reminds me of someone...Uncle Jim!!
Can't think of a better way to learn math facts!
 Jacob found some old photos stuffed in a book downstairs.  I can't believe how little Charlie was!
 And Jacob, too!  Where did that time go??

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