Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magnificent March

 Where there are boys...there's mud.  And lots of it.
Charlie "fell" in the mud.  He was covered head-to-toe and looked like a little tar baby.  I should have taken a photo of his whole, muddy body...but I was a little overwhelmed on how to even begin de-mudding him!  To give you an idea...take a look at his shoes!
This is how Laura feels after working hard at school.  She crawled over to her bed and put herself down for a nap!
Oh, Gus looks so tough.  He's such a big baby...but loves his girl.
Look who won the chili cook-off at church!!  Char's "White Lightening" took the Best Chili award, and Best Overall soup.  Way to go buddy...with a little help from Daddy!
He was still mighty happy the next morning about winning the contest!
I took Jamie to see the Gaithers for his birthday. Great show!
It was Bill Gaither's 79th birthday.  Still going strong!
Jamie returned to the same location the next night with the boys. This time it was for WinterJam 2015...a contemporary Christian concert with various artists.  Let's just say the crowd of 11,000 was slightly younger, and a bit more energetic than for the Gaithers!
A photo of the cutest spectator at the concert!
We also took Jamie out for a birthday breakfast.
We have another sausage/biscuit/gravy fan!
March also brought Jacob's final brass ensemble concert for the year.  He has thoroughly enjoyed the orchestra this year, and still loves playing tuba.
For the first time, we had the three younger kids take standardized tests.  How on earth did Charlie get placed at the same table as his two best buddies???
After 5 hours of testing, it was time to burn off some energy with a game of street hockey...or broom hockey for Jacob since we ran short on sticks! I now need a new broom.
Laura thought she would help Jacob in the kitchen.  She loves her big brother.
Then March went out like a lamb...

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Amy Husted said...

Happy birthday Jamie! Looks like God keeps blessing you.