Monday, October 24, 2016

April 2015

 Catching up from 2015!!
Celebrating Daddy's birthday...
Driving home with Jacob & Clay Meffert after standardized testing, 
and a stop at McDonalds!
 Easter Sunday in Port Huron, MI at Colonial Woods Missionary Church.
 Surprise birthday dinner with Matt, Margaret, and Jamie at one of our favorite
restaurants, Blue Margaritas!
 Happy 15th birthday, Jacob!

 Teen activity with Cedar Hills Baptist Church.  We held it at the Hellige's barn.
Jenna, Erin Placher, Addy Garner, & Taylor Webster.
Charlie hung on tightly to John Stump.
 Hannah Meffert, her friends, John & Tim Stump.
 We ended with a birthday celebration for Jacob!  
I didn't have a "5" candle, so it's 17 - 2!