Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Miss Barbara

So, even though my van is full, it doesn't mean my heart is any different.
The orphans are so dear to me, and it's time I find some ways to help others in their journey to bring home children.
We have friends that are bringing home a baby boy from Ethiopia and I was privledged to talk quite a bit with them as they walked through the process.
He will be home very soon and we can't wait to meet him.
We have countless friends and acquaintances that have told me that they are discussing adoption as a family at their dinner table after meeting Jenna.
Who knows if it will lead families to adopt children,
but they're talking about it now.
They've seen first-hand that it's not impossible.
It's right in front of them.
It's possible, and it's a blessing.
We also have friends bringing home their little girl from Russia...
sweet little Barbara.
The Plummer family is working so, so hard to bring her home.
They have done so many, and are still doing, many fundraisers.
They still need almost $15,000. before they can bring their treasure home.
Last year, if you remember, we had an awesome rummage sale, bringing in over $3,000. for Jenna's adoption. This year, we're repeating this rummage sale for the Plummers, and praying it brings in a record amount for them.
What a privledge to witness lives changed, families created, through the miracle of adoption!

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Sally-Girl! said...

I will go donate some through paypal to their account. I too want to start helping others come home especially since I feel like Gracie completes our family of 12! But then again, I will go where He leads!!